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Anti-ESET NOD32 Mobile

Post by godsmack on Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:31 pm

Anti-ESET NOD32 Mobile characterized by rapid and accurate detection of known and unknown threats for mobile devices. Through proactive technology program capable of detecting updates without even the most sophisticated malicious software for mobile devices.
Anti-ESET NOD32 Mobile is specifically designed to protect mobile devices from existing and new threats. At the core of Anti-ESET NOD32 Mobile has its own technology ThreatSense, which allows program proactively to identify the most complex malicious attack, providing highly efficient protection for mobile phones and smartphones on the platform Windows Mobile. Thanks minimum of resources consumed by memory, processor, as well as the small size of files updates Antivirus ESET NOD32 Mobile is the most effective solution for mobile platforms.

Mechanisms for scanning the user and allow access to Antivirusu ESET NOD32 Mobile inspect the most important and sensitive files, including those earned on wireless channels: via WiFi, Bluetooth or infrared port devices. Scanner provides access to verify the threats used by all applications. Built magazine captures all the events, stores information about the scan performed tasks, as well as the current status of the database of virus signatures in user-friendly form.
The mechanism allows automatic update downloads flexibly adjust the frequency of updates or entirely disable the automatic update. Anti-ESET NOD32 Mobile distinguishes user-friendly, intuitive user interface.
"Today, the popularity of mobile devices is steadily growing not only among ordinary users, but also in the corporate segment, smartphones are often directly integrated into the corporate environment of large companies, are used for sending important e-mails and communications - said Anna Alexandrova, director of marketing ESET. -- We have managed to create a solution that does not yield the level of protection the rest of our company's products and products of competitors. Anti-ESET NOD32 Mobile - the protection of individual user, a necessary element to ensure the integrated corporate security infrastructure, intellectual anti-virus program to take advantage of mobile devices at 100% ".

In the files of two types:
ESET Mobile Antivirus (SmartPhone)
ESET Mobile Antivirus (PocketPC)

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