A microscope for mobile phone

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A microscope for mobile phone

Post by godsmack on Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:22 pm

Microscope size of a 25 - CENTS coin

Researchers from the California Institute of Technology have developed a tiny microscope, is so small that it could be placed in a cell phone, reports physorg.com.

According to the developer device Chanhuey Yana (Changhuei Yang), with 16 century to the present day construction microscopes almost unchanged. And while technology improved, the size of microscopes are still great. This is what led him to create a tiny device increases, which is not used optics, but which, nevertheless, in terms of optical power can compete-the-art laboratory facilities.

The device consists of CCD-sensor used in digital cameras, covered with a thin layer of opaque metal perforated with holes in it less than one micrometer in diameter. Openings are located at a distance of 5 microns from each other and form a photosensitive pixels microscope. On top of this structure is placed channel with a transparent liquid that must be scanned. The cells and other microorganisms that flows through this channel each other, overlapping access to pixels of light-hole - thus forming an image.

Produce microscope is easy and inexpensive. The cost of one chip in mass production is only $ 10. It can be used to analyze blood, water and other liquids. It does not require special lighting - sunlight falling onto the chip through a transparent channel from above, is quite enough. The entire microscope the size of not more than 25 - tsentovoy coins.

At the moment the authors claim are negotiating with manufacturers of medical equipment to start production in the microscope.


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