SmartFone From Sony Ericsson x1550 SMART

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SmartFone From Sony Ericsson x1550 SMART

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:38 pm

The other day site published information on the new concept Smartphone Sony Ericsson X1550. Based on the design and expected performance, the model is a powerful and functional. First, allocated 8.2 arithmetic camera with a lens from Leica and 6-folded optical zoom and support than WIMAX, high-speed communication standards UMTS and HSDPA. In addition, the communication possibilities presented modules Bluetooth wireless and Wi-Fi, and the mini USB port.

Novine will be equipped with an Intel Core Duo sARM 2x clock frequency of 1.88 GHz, two SSD drives to 32 GB nMobile nVidia graphics chip with 128 MB of video memory and support DirectX10, 1 GB of RAM memory, 32-bit touch screen, high-resolution and the two-chamber megapixel for videos with Leica lenses and memory card slot under formats miniSD / MMC.

Moreover, to support HDMI and firewire. As you such characteristics? Song! Just wait for her performance.

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