Optical disk Mempile will add up to 1 TB information

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Optical disk Mempile will add up to 1 TB information

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 30, 2007 2:00 pm


The most intensive optical media to take HD DVD and Blu-Ray drives to the current maximum capacity of 15 GB and 25 GB respectively. But rest on its laurels they are not long, as the company has developed Mempile drive the size of a normal DVD, to store on the same plate to 1 TB information. It uses new technology called TeraDisc. The store is located 100 virtual layers, each of which holds 5 GB of data, it is 500 GB. In the near future, it is expected optimization design and the increase in the number of sectors to 200, which would fit onto disks the size of a CD to 1 TB. One of the components of success is the use of transparent material in the manufacture of drives, which allows reading and 0.15 laser to pass through the surface of the drive, rather than reflect it in the HD DVD or Blu-Ray. Jambo announced a number of strategic agreements with the producers of multimedia content and hardware devices, which increases the chances that future development will be in mass production. The marketing of products Mempile was not expected until 2010. Wink

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