Some sad facts about DDR3

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Some sad facts about DDR3

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:39 pm

News, alas, the sad. The case is that taimingi memory chips will be very high, while the frequency will increase substantially. Memory DDR3-800 will work with CAS parameter equal 5, with taimingah 5-5-5. Moreover, some are DDR3-800 will work with CL6, 6-6-6. In turn, delay memory DDR3-1066 start of CL7, 7-7-7, and DDR3-1333 of CL8, 8-8-8. The fastest memory DDR3 with a frequency of 1600 MHz, will be working with CL9, 9-9-9. Against the backdrop of the low-speed characteristics of the news of the working voltage of 1.5. think only consolation. However, we are confident that the company OCZ, Corsair and other specializing in the production decisions will DDR3 modules with lower tamingami.

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