Top 6 steampunk mods

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Top 6 steampunk mods

Post by godsmack on Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:47 pm

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy set in 19th century (often Victorian England) but with science fiction elements. the science fiction often takes the form of fictional inventions in the 19th century like the time machine from H.G Wells book of the same name, or real world technology if it had been invented then. Other steampunk fiction might shows what-if world set in the present day but where we still use steam to power most things.

Number 6

Filimon's Steampunk Mouse.

Often mice get ignored when it comes to modding but Filimon has put more attention to details and effort it to this mouse than some people put into modding their whole case and he even went to the bother of making a carry case for it.

Number 5

Personal Computer Brewery

Not a lot is known about this case other than it was made by a Russian modder and there is a small chance that it makes beer.

Number 4

Villainizer Steampunk Guitar

t might not be computer related but its still a mod. This guitar was made by Thunder Eagle Guitars and wouldn't look out of place in Bioshock.

Number 3

Dave Veloz's Steampunk Mac Mini

Some see steam punk as romance meets technology. This is especially true for this mod which was made for the modders own wedding. It was used to display pictures of the engagement for the guests. Its keyboard and monitor were based on the mods of Jake von Slatt (see number 1).

Number 2

Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop

This beautiful looking mod, has had a lot of thought put into making it look authentic. Little details like the clockwork key being used to turn it on make this mod even more amazing than if it simple looked the part,

Number 1

Jake von Slatt's Victorian All-in-One PC

Jake has done so many Steampunk mods its was hard to choose what one to pick but the second I saw this one I knew it was going to be number one.


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