CBT Nuggets On The Job Training Series Java

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CBT Nuggets On The Job Training Series Java

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 16, 2007 12:02 pm

Java is being used everywhere from mobile phones to the Mars rover. It’s become one of the top application development platforms for enterprise use, and is relied on in the aerospace, transportation, telecommunication, healthcare and banking industries, plus many more. Java is a valuable platform for programmers to know.
There are many common functionalities that businesses expect their application developers to be able to implement. The On The Job Training Series: Java videos give you the advanced Java knowledge needed to implement these functionalities and to create other Java applications common in enterprise use. This includes training on archiving, using timers, creating servlets, using the StringTokenizer class, serializing objects, the collection framework, handling cookies, implementing hierarchical data and more.

The real-world training content of these videos was selected based on instructor Robert Barr’s years of experience as a Java programmer, plus input we gathered from other professional programmers about what they’d like to see in an on-the-job Java training series.
Instructor Robert Barr explains, “This course focuses on real-world programming tasks that are common in the work place. You’ll learn the intricacies of Swing programming, interacting with the file system, creating applets, and practical uses of collections. You’ll be able to apply what you learn in this course directly into projects you’re currently working on.”
The On The Job Training Series: Java videos focus entirely on real-world application and do not map specifically to an exam. A solid foundation in Java programming, such as a working knowledge of the material covered in the Java SCJP Certification Package, is recommended before viewing this training.

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