Microsoft SideWinder Mouse : a new mouse for joy

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Microsoft SideWinder Mouse : a new mouse for joy

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 30, 2007 9:52 pm

Microsoft Corporation at the recent exhibition Games Convention, showed its new design for the Web, laser computer mouse called SideWinder Mouse.

The mouse has a bay for special "truck" and four "masses" in the package, for fine tuning the weight of great importance for the advanced gamer. SideWinder Mouse has LCD display, which shows sensitivity and weight of the mouse button 3 (400, 800 and 2000 DPI) to quickly change the sensitivity, as well as some additional custom buttons.

Expand your ability, using a mouse with a revolutionary design, which will provide you unprecedented speed, convenience and adaptability. Customize your mouse to any game in which you play with the use of software and accessories. Use the first LCD display mouse game to record macros and sensitivity settings, in order to reduce interference on the screen during game

Key features SideWinder Mouse :
The unique shape and arrangement of buttons for fast, comfortable and accurate game action
Three buttons to quickly switch modes sensitivity (400, 800 and 2000 DPI), the choice of other regimes sensitivity is software.
L S D display to display sensitivity settings and mouse
Quick Start button for Games Explorer in Windows Vista
five major programmable buttons
Broad metal scroll wheel
Two vertical metal buttons side
Maximum resolution 2000 DPI
Maximum speed is 1.2 m / s
Terminal Velocity 20G
The frequency with USB port-500 Hz
Resource-button clicks 9000000
Custom kit with truck weight
Additional software for the purpose of buttons and switches, creating macros and profiles, game management settings.

The price of a mouse Microsoft SideWinder is : $ 79.95

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