Fly mouse Logitech MX Air

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Fly mouse Logitech MX Air

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:27 pm

The company Logitech introduced "fly" version of the computer mouse called MX Air. At weight wireless mouse operates through technology Freespace tracing of MX Air space. Freespace translates hand movements to move the cursor. It can work around in the air and on the surface of the table. In the latter case, involving laser sensor.

The manufacturer tried to develop a more intuitive system : walking or pushing buttons. Logitech offspring can be used to control playback multimedia files. For example, the volume can be adjusted toward the left or right to select a sound track can pass, slightly shaking hands brush. Scrolling same document or Web page by movement of the finger on the touchpad scroll.

Wireless mouse is charged by a lithium ion battery. Radius MX Air to 9 meters allows multimedia system anywhere in the room. Logitech Supports Development of Windows operating systems XP / Vista. The kit includes : a computer mouse MX Air, charger, mikropriemnik, power cord, CD-ROM with software Logitech SetPoint, polishing cloth and a user guide.

The guarantee period for the rodent is 3 years. Approximate cost of the set Logitech MX Air market for the United States and Europe to $ 150. New will be on sale overseas next month.

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