ATI Radeon Pro H1950 of Sapphire (AGP live again?)

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ATI Radeon Pro H1950 of Sapphire (AGP live again?)

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:49 pm

The company announced Sapphire card ATI Radeon H1950 Pro interface AGP. The developer had a transition Rialto bridge. Customers will have to connect to two heavy wire to the video-powered from the AGP is not large enough (perhaps simply perestrahovalici). Card completes 512 MB of memory and Microsoft slightly raised the frequency. Kernel works at the speed 580 MHz memory to 1400 MHz (instead of 575/1390 MHz, respectively). Otherwise, the characteristics of video has not changed. Sales imeetsa entry for the price of around $ 250.

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