Cooler Zaward Hot Processor and Motherboard

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Cooler Zaward Hot Processor and Motherboard

Post by Admin on Thu May 31, 2007 12:11 pm

Taiwanese company is Zaward kulery new processor for high-performance CPU-Zaward Square Advance. The devices have all the characteristics of modern high-cooling devices teploprovodyaschie tubes, a large air blower and sound location of the radiator to cool not only the processor, but the motherboard and components, in particular, the elements of food scheme.

For those users who like processors pogoryachee developers Zaward implemented to accommodate more fans under the sink. The increase airflow and improve cooling the processor. According to razabotchikov, Zaward Square Advance can cool the processor with power up to 130 W, and make some disperse CPU Despite the impressive size of the fan noise generated during the kulera not exceed the 19 dB.

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