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Posting Guidelinez

Post by godsmack on Sun May 06, 2007 1:39 pm

Posting Guide Linez

With more thousands of pages view hourly, you file will be accessed by a big number of visitors, so if you use some Hosting services such as, or which pay you per download. As the result, your contribution do not only bring benifit for other people, but you also wil be able to earn and get respect, appreciation from other members.

Now, Let's start
1.You should use win RAR to compress any files that you want to upload.

2.You select the file(s) you want to upload and the NFO file , and compress them in one file.

3.You set password : or

4.To do those works, after installing winRAR, click on the words "file", then click "password" and put in password from item 3 above. Then click button for "Add files to archive", in tab 'General' put in filename you want and location for this new RAR, click 'Files' tab then "Append" and choose files to add to RAR… you can click this 'Append' many times to add all files.

After that, please upload the file to one of the good free file share servers like :


And here is the guide to post a file :

Login to the site with your nickname (Of course, you need to regiter first)
Click on Contribute button at top of the site
Post Title : Fill the title in Page Content : Give some information iand insert a picture by click on the image Button . You can upload by using www. to host your image.

Please do not link directly to any sites or they can trace our site and I will get in trouble with them ! Then, click on the More Tag or Press Alt + T (You can add your message here)

Download here
Password :

Then, you high light "Download here", click the button Create/Edit Link , fill with the link which provide to you. Finally, you click on Save button, then your post will be submited to our staff, who will review and approve it as soon as possible. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact


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