Tyan The House Supercomputer

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Tyan The House Supercomputer

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 30, 2007 2:08 pm

Tyan House SuperComputer

Renowned producer server motherboards and ready-made solutions, the company Tyan, announced a few days ago, the personal supercomputer TyanPSC T-650. Now everyone can be accommodated at home or in the office, this cluster of five nodes and includes 40 processors are forging with large racks. The compact chassis personal cycle provides a secure functionized environment and a cooling for cetarehgyadernah 1.86 GHz Intel Xeon L5320, each processor no more than 50 watts.

That same energy that monstrika is 1,400 watts. But supercomputers are less than quietly-level set of noise exceeds 50 dB, which is hardly a positive impact on the people, staying with him in the same room. TyanPSC T-650 come all those in need of substantial computing power, but does not want to install home and office bulky clusters, and prefers a ready-made solution. Managed rely on the choice of the customer and Microsoft Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003 or Linux. Price is consistent with the power of the device and start with the benchmark of $ 20,000 for the minimum selection.


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