Holographic discs at CeBIT 2007

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Holographic discs at CeBIT 2007

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 25, 2007 1:40 am

Holographic discs at CeBIT 2007

Maxell, chemical division of Hitachi, almost went to the brink of technology sales holographic recording. Development was five years, and this summer promised the sales of equipment in the United States. At CeBIT 2007 `show drives and disks, with the possibility of transferring.

Reached capacity standard holographic disk-300Gb. Assured the store for 30 years. The cost has exceeded all reasonable limits and the original scope of the technology is limited to the archives long-term storage. The developers promise to increase density records, and has 70 holograficskin drive would make such worth it stands at 219 Ter :

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