When Gamer will play games with the thought

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When Gamer will play games with the thought

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:35 pm

Evil or Very Mad
Emotiv Systems promises that soon subdivisions will be able to manage the characters on the screen without the assistance payments, but only with the help of one force thought. In doing so, they will help specially developed by the helmet. Logitech called Project Epoc looks like velogonczyka helmet, but instead of protecting the head, she wondered think -5 waves with the help of technology, such as that used in the medical elektroengjefalografi and. Emotiv applied this technology to the games in its first product Emotiv Development Kit (EDK), enabling developers to give games virtual worlds and the ability to respond to dozens of different thoughts and emotions. The game developed with the assistance of EDK, subdivisions will be able to move objects on the screen without touching a keyboard or joystick. When adjusted fairly well to distinguish between mental commands to raise the virtual object discourage him pull itself or rotated. This allows geimeram apply "inanimate" objects moving by thought, rather than muscle. Price EDK company has not yet announced, but promises to produce a product in 2008. Later Emotiv plans to adapt its technology for medicine, security, market research, access and interactive television.

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