Littele - the motherboard Intel DG31GL

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Littele - the motherboard Intel DG31GL

Post by godsmack on Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:50 pm

Predecessor described Boards - 945GCPE - while there is still on sale, but will soon be withdrawn from production. A replacement for her now comes a limited version already sells Boards DG31PR. The difference in the title - two letters, and in the technical characteristics also need to understand, to find differences. Because of budgetary decisions, tended to opt for the price, rather than on expanding opportunities or the ability to disperse. Therefore, a set of properties rather rigidly defined basic computer applications such: "typewriter" for the Secretary terminal for remote access or a specialized job. And cut, by and large already and so almost nothing: all right there, and have already removed all unnecessary.

So, a small card format - microATX. At surprise, despite the position of "very cheap", supports processors up to Intel Core 2 Quad, frequency system bus - up to 1333 MHz. Memory, like other budget decisions, used DDR2 (with very "adult" 800 MHz), two slots provide an overall capacity up to 4 GB. Video, of course, recessed, Graphics Media Accelerator 3100. Eight connectors USB 2.0. In short, it is a standard feature set, no special savings are not visible.

The reduction came connectors Serial ATA - they have two (enough for the hard drive and optical drive). However, if needed, add disks - there is another channel of conventional ATA IDE with support for up to ATA-100. There is a set of interfaces living forever - a floppy disk drive, PS / 2 mouse and keyboard.

Without a computer network adapter is now virtually impossible - and he built, 10/100 megabits. U "elder sister" (DG31PR) a controller Gigabit Ethernet, but in real life the difference in their productivity is usually not very high.

Sound subsystem also built - even the computers working well and can play music, and IP-telephony service. In this case, Intel High Definition Audio in the quad version (2 +2) for the chipset from Realtek.

And finally, the possibility of expanding. Here savings clear: no one PCI Express slot is not provided, nor x16, or even x1. But there are two slots entire regular bus PCI - so that the upgrade is possible if necessary. Over the lifetime of this generation of computers lack of PCI-devices are foreseen.

In general, you get on very well: board is fully capable of becoming full-fledged foundation work computer, with virtually no compromises on functionality, and in doing so positioned in the lower segment of the market, where it is able to compete on price and functionality. Her appearance on the market seems to be the first robin - producers now and the rest of motherboards, probably will begin to actively use the G31 chipset for cheaper models.


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