Esquire: the world's first electronic magazine

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Esquire: the world's first electronic magazine

Post by godsmack on Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:49 pm

Chief editor of Esquire, David Granger, reported that its publication would be the first to use technology E Ink. According to figures published by The New York Times, display technology, using "electronic ink" will be built into the cover of Esquire.

The display will show a very simple message - "The 21st Century Begins Now" ( "Twenty-first century begins now") and advertising Ford Flex. Picture shows David Granzher with the prototype display.

Granger both commented on this event: "Magazines, in fact, look the same over 150 years. I was disappointed at the lack of movement forward in the industry ".

According to glavreda Esquire, the magazine will be used to develop, in which the creation of Hearst - the parent company Esquire, six-invested amount. This is a battery that could be built into the cover. In exchange for solid costs, Esquire has an opportunity to be the sole user of E Ink in the magazine industry.

So far, E Ink displays will be built only 100000 copies of the magazine. It is known that adding the display will be performed manually and delivery of magazines distributors will have to do with refrigerated to prolong the life of the battery. It is alleged that the batteries last for 90 days work. Price with the electronic magazine cover does not differ from the price of conventional numbers. The sponsor of the draft made the company Ford, whose advertising will be on display.

* Esquire - men's magazine, founded in 1932, retiring every month including in Russia.


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