The mouse will die within 5 years

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The mouse will die within 5 years

Post by godsmack on Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:34 pm

According to analysts Gartner, within 3-5 years computer mouse will be replaced by new online human interaction with computers. With such a forecast categorically disagrees company Logitech, argues that whatever the device may be designed, they can never replace the most convenient manipulator in the world, which this year marks 40 years.
Computer mouse this year will mark 40 years and, seemingly, it will exist forever. However, according to experts is convenient to live manipulators left not too long: how to believe in Gartner, the mouse will be replaced by new input devices within 3-5 years, writes the BBC.

At the mouse will replace the so-called, like touch screens and devices recognition of partying. -- Prentis said Steve (Steve Prentice). His forecast is based on observation of how to change the device user interaction with electronics. As examples, the expert leads televisions capable to recognize gestures, a camera, capable of tracking a person in real time.

-- Opposed by representatives of the world's largest manufacturer of peripheral devices, the company Logitech. Over the past 20 years alone, the company has sold more than 500 million myshek. .

Dooley noted that the Gartner forecast in 2008, when the mouse is about to turn 40 years old, leads malicious. In a world of a billion people involved in web surfing, in which the mouse is irreplaceable, but on the whole planet of 6 billion people, he noted. Residents of developing countries began to go online just now.

The computer mouse was invented by Douglas Endzhelbartom (Douglas Engelbart) at Stanford University. The manipulator got its name because of the external similarities with rodents. The author claims never received any royalties, because the term of the patent expired in 1987 - even before the computer revolution has started, the mouse has made an indispensable subject.

According to analyst Gartner, keyboard, mouse, unlike, for the foreseeable future will not denetsya and will remain the principal means of entering text information.


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