Seagate announced 1.5 TB hard drive

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Seagate announced 1.5 TB hard drive

Post by godsmack on Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:19 pm

Now that limit Internet is stronger than all of our lives, and new formats type Blue-Ray definitively established in the market, the problem of shortage of space on your hard drive before users faced more than ever. Manufacturers are trying hard drive to keep abreast of the growing needs and with enviable regularity conquering new peaks (or rather to say - volumes). At this time are aware distinguished company Seagate - the largest manufacturer of hard drives, announced TERABYTE hard drive.

Seagate announced 1,5 TB hard drive

Hard disk belonging to the family Barracuda, is named Barracuda 7200.11 1500GB SATA II (ST31500341AS). The main characteristics of the new HDD are at quite a decent level, although nothing particularly remarkable in them not - 32 MB buffer, habitual speed spindle, which is 7200 rpm. The average time of search, according to the manufacturer, is 8.9 seconds, speed data transmission - 115 MB / sec. Apart from the flagship models, Seagate announced and updated Terabyte model ST31000333AS - except for the volume, all the other characteristics identical to older models.

The price of most large hard drive modernity set at 206. It is also worth mentioning that in spite of the announcement, the market has not yet received a novelty.


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