Fast way to Delete Microsoft Word Page

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Fast way to Delete Microsoft Word Page

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:49 pm

Open Visual Basic Editor (VBE)from your Microsoft Word "Tools | Macro". Make a new module from "Insert | Module"

Insert this code Code:
Sub Delete_Page()
End Sub

Run "Debug | Compile Project". Close your VBE & back to your document. For the next step, open "Tools | Macro | macros". Choose "Delete Page" option & click also "Organizer". Go to "Macro Project item" tab & copy "Module1" to "Normal1.Dot" Click OK to confirm. Now open "Tools | Customize" Go to "Commands" tab. On Categories section, click option "Macros". Next in "Commands" drag "Normal.Module1.Delete Page" into empty menubar. Right click your new button that you just made to change the name & the icon as well.

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