Rulez and Regulationz abt forum

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Rulez and Regulationz abt forum

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:41 pm

The Rules:

1. By all means, keep penguin nini OFF this forum.

It is not much to ask. Just make sure word does not spread to him. If you do not know penguin nini already, you probably do not want to. He or she was last known to be using IF he/she joins, don't panic with spammy remarks. Just pretend that all is normal until spam starts happening, then I will take action.

2. Do not produce Spam. Spam is a post that we would be better off without in the forum. Example: “LOL WAZUP DID U SEEE THAT?????!?! DAT WUZ KOOOOL!!. If you are not sure if your post is Spam, don’t post it or ask a moderator

3. Do not bully each other.

Nobody likes mean members. Do not post mean commentary about anybody on this board. If you do not like it here, just leave.

4. No inappropriate language/images

Use of any questionable language will give you points or possibly get you banned. Saying OM* is inappropriate language. If you do not know if what you are about to post is inappropriate, ask me. Pictures that could depict something inappropriate are unacceptable as well.

5. No sexual talk

Any speech sexually oriented is not accepted and will lead to an instant bann.

6. No inappropriate signatures/avatars.

If your signature or avatar has anything inappropriate in it (see section four), your image or text will be removed or your signature and/or avatar privileges may be taken away

7. No stealing avatar/signature pictures

Please do not steal other people’s signature/avatar images unless they are from the gallery of the web site or the owner gives you permission.

8. 30 Day Rule
To prevent inactive accounts, you must use your account a minimal of every 30 days. After that, you will be notified via a email (if activated) and pm that you have five days to use your account. After that, your account will be deleted. If you have a good reason for not using your account for 30 days, tell me prior to when you will be gone and I will tell you if you can do that.

- Administrator Wink

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